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Grown Ups


Galapagos Gronwn Ups Experience Program

Galapagos is one of the best preserve natural settings on Earth. The intense experience in a diverse environment can leave impressions that will shape the way your child sees the world and at the same time fascinate parents and grandparents.

You can see closely rare animals, swimming with sea lions and visit the different ecosystems of the archipelago. The place is a real lesson in the most respectful way to interact with the environment.




The volunteer center is located in Bellavista, Santa Cruz Island. The foundation was founded in 2009 and seeks to promote comprehensive programs in humanitarian and conservation projects in Ecuador. Volunteers will be aiding in the elimination of foreign invasive plants and replanting new plants in an effort to maintain native plant life.

The activities that participants will be performing are the following:

  • To make bamboo nails.
  • Making walls with bamboo.
  • Design of squares, triangles and rectangles with bamboo and paper
  • Elaboration of caps with plastic bottles placed at the ends of the bamboo canes.
  • Organic farming

Week 1 San Cristobal Island, The town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Highlights include:

  • Take a walk along winding paths leading from the Interpretation Center to Playa Punta Carola

Week 2 Santa Cruz Island, The town of Puerto Ayora

Highlights include:

  • Conservation volunteer work
  • Observe giant tortoises in their natural state at Ranch
  • Visit the Charles Darwin Station
  • Enjoy the pristine white sandy beaches of Tortuga Bay
  • Free time for independent exploration and activities

Week 3 - Isabela Island, The town of Puerto Villamil

Includes the following tours:

  • Giant Tortoise Breeding Center
  • Boat trip to Las Tintorera Islet to snorkel & hike, observing penguins, iguanas, reef sharks, sea lions and birds.
  • Visitng Campo Duro
  • Snorkel in “Los Tuneles”

Program Highlights and Benefits:

  • This Galapagos Volunteer work programme offers a way to explore the “true” Galapagos Islands.
  • It includes a unique itinerary with local specialists combining excursions and wildlife interaction with volunteering activities in different islands.

  • With the aim of being socially responsible, this programme circulates it´s revenues within the local community, significantly increasing employment. This is an action rarely seen in traditional cruise companies, who tend to give nothing back to the neighborhoods in which they operate.
  • With the aim of being environmentally responsible, this program maintains a lower environmental impact than traditional cruise tourism. 
  • We provide a detailed scientific briefing. During your orientation in Quito a local scientist will hold a class to provide important information about the problems facing the Galapagos´. You will also be schooled in how beneficial and essential your volunteer work will be to the future of the Islands.
  • We offer great value. A one week traditional cruise excursion in the Galapagos costs around 2500USD. For the same price or less we can give you a true Galapagos Experience, the rewards and memories of which cannot be compared to run-of-the-mill Island boat trips.

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