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About Us

We have been around since 2004 and know South America intimately!

We are a squad of dedicated South American specialists offering detailed knowledge on everything Ecuador, Galapogas and Peru, from where to see the best birdlife, to where to grab the tastiest tortillas in town. Our team are all Latino born and bred; who better than a local to show you around the spectacular scenery of their home? Furthermore, our local expertise allows for a more personal experience of South America to be had, something that large impersonal tourism companies just can´t offer.



Why Choose Lead Adventures



We know how important it is to build mutually beneficial relationships with local resources. As a South American (Ecuador) based company the quality of our local contacts is second to none. This allows us to offer superb and efficient services to our participants. The local people are our friends and they are always willing to help out in any situation. Our bilingual, experienced local staff is always here to help you get the most out of your experience.


Our super local knowledge and contacts mean we have the safest and fastest security and emergency procedures in the unlikely event that an emergency arises. Additionally we are in close contact with the local Foreign Office, the British and U.S. Embassies and other recognized professional bodies in case you have a personal crisis that needs sorting out. The fact we are the best in the area is proven when other tour provider companies use our local experience and services to solve their own issues.


This is another area where being local means an advantage. Our administrative costs are much lower than agencies based in Europe or the USA. This enables us to offer lower prices for our volunteer programs compared to international travel agencies. Additionally, as we are the operators of these programs rather than the agents, we can guarantee cost efficiency.


You will be really making a difference to the area you visit. As a South American company, based in Quito, Ecuador, we have the local knowledge and capacity to choose the best managed projects. We support our aligned projects and local contacts providing valuable resources that help them continue their valuable work. This is a FAIR trade deal!

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